Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Update- DRM in the UK

Last week the Commitee held a public hearing where a number of UK Digital rights groups and Libraries and academics gave evidence. The message was the same- DRM's are endangering consumer protections, competition and access to knowledge. As the representatives from the British Library said :

'"Once DRM becomes technologically obsolete, access to the material is lost," warned Dr Clive Field of the British Library. His colleague, Sean Martin, told the MPs that he had encountered a DRM system with a three-year lifespan. "After three years, no-one would be able to access that material," said Martin.

There are good reports of the evidence and links to the submissions behind them here:
'DRM is failing, MPs told',39020651,39250168,00.htm

Parliament committee hears DRM rights and wrongs

A variety of solutions were proposed and the Commitee is considering both the oral and written responses. The group will produce a final report, and publish the evidence, in April. The Commitee has a chance to to take a stand on this issue- lets hope they take it.


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