Friday, April 21, 2006

EU IP consultation ( yes another one)

The EU Commission has issued yet another consultation on how to make the EU market (the internal market) work.(Thanks for the heads up Cornelia!). It covers a number of issues but it has a specific section on intellectual Property regimes. To give a flavour of the document its states that in this area its aim is:

' Ensuring that intellectual property rights ('IPR') regimes facilitate the
development and diffusion of knowledge and technology'


'Finally, we also consider it important to ensure that our
regulatory framework is user-friendly, so as to enhance acceptance and lawful use of
protected products."

It also asks a specific question:

7) Do you consider that the current IPR regimes foster growth and innovation? In your

experience, where is more focus or action needed?

Its important that we respond, even if it is repeating what we are saying in the numerous other EU consultations on patents and copyright. Who knows repetition may work wonders!

A copy of the consultation can be found here:
(deadline for responses June 15)